Alcohol & Drug Evaluations

We are a fully qualified and trained Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) under US Department of Transportation regulations working independently to serve the greater Houston and surrounding areas.

Let Us Help You Get Back On Track

Whether in the workplace or your personal life, we offer services for people to achieve sustainable success. From helping organizations with substance abuse prevention services to working with individuals to conquer US DOT Alcohol and Drug violations, we provide the resources clients need to get their life back on track.

Substance Abuse Evaluations (SAP)

Substance Abuse Evaluations for DOT, FAA, FTA, PHSA, USCG, FMCSA & FRA

Our qualified Substance Abuse Professional is trained to complete evaluations for employees in safety sensitive positions regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT). We are committed to provide SAP services under the guidelines of the Federal Department of Transportation.

Our services include:

  • SASSI assessment and evaluation session

  • Initial written evaluation sent to your employer, supervisor, or CDL school

  • Referrals to substance abuse educational providers

  • Referrals to treatment providers and treatment services

  • Follow-up evaluation

  • Final written evaluation sent to your employer, supervisor, or CDL school

Frankie Joseph, PhD, CEAP, SAP is a chemical dependency educator and US Dept. of Transportation qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). Her specialty includes employer-mandated substance abuse assessments and prevention services. She serves clients in Houston, surrounding areas, and virtually throughout Texas.

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